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  • Cooperation for the development of a positive social attitude towards the pedestrians and enhancing the citizens culture by means of scientific and specialized information via the means of the Internet and the mass media.
  • The formation and the consolidation of a strong and active public opinion for pedestrian defense to be a factor and a warranty for the pedestrians in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Creation of utmost beneficial conditions and pedestrian-friendly public environment in Bulgaria through massive discussion on regulatory documents from municipal or state level in relation to the pedestrians.
  • Reducing the risk from damage and death among the pedestrians.
  • Support of state and municipal bodies, public organizations and separate persons in relation to the popularization of the positive attitude towards the pedestrians.
  • Formation of an understanding of the meaning of the reasonable transport decisions.
    Providing of financial independency of the foundation by means of sponsorship, grants, patrons etc. All funds granted to the foundation are to be used for achieving its aims and could not be used for purposes beyond its range of activity.


Bojidar Ikonomov

artist, works in the field of Graphic Design

Hrissimir Danev

photojournalist, Leading cameraman at BNT

Jordan Philipov

Founder and present Chairmen of Foundation Pedestrians

Petar Filipov

Representative in Europe





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